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This is some really quality stuff. As a person who has been a sonic fan now for well over two decades I can say this is one of the better tributes to the franchise I've seen lately. Well executed on everyone's part, everyone came together and made an excellent collab. Each of the 3 movies had their own unique style, while staying true to what makes sonic, sonic! The menu button leading to the menu was also pretty great; thankfully it was well labeled so I had no issue understanding what wad occurring during that instance. Big ol' 5!

BuddhaBilski responds:

But of course it is the best flash on the site, you have great taste in animation. High quality

DUDE! This was amazing! The video quality was fantastic, the audio quality, top notch. I really like how you made the characters your own, and the anti-aliasing effect around them, YES. I loved how the mouth line was always there when the voices were happening, it's the attention to details, ya know? I was a little upset when Robotnik came thru with a Mario jump noise.. but other than that, everything about this was one hunnit! Good work man, I hope you keep these up. Time to stalk your profile.

I loved all of the food puns/ dad jokes, probably my favorite part. The one Frenchy looked a bit like a turd, but I liked the way he danced around with that mustache.

But most importantly: needs more muffin. I wanted to peep that muffin so badly but I didn't get to see his whole shebang! I will have to see more in the future i suppose. Could have used a little background music to fill in some of the silence between lines. Delivery of dialogue was a little slow, but I liked it. Muffins.


trepaning responds:

Thank you for the comment! I can only upload 2 videos a day, there are 5 episodes ready to go. Stay tuned!

The Firth is strong with this one.

If you had a silent frame after the darkness and charmander's guts were all over the place this would be short but sweet, however it very much falls short. Animation skills were good but needed an ending!

Never have I ever seen such an accurate representation of how hard it is to grow up on the streets. Life is hard, challenges arise, but the strong overcome. The main character in this movie really touched me where one should only be touched by doctors, when he moved up in the food chain out there, and overcame the unexpected, and got a job at KFC, and was able to provide for his family.

FatBadger responds:

mmmmm hippooo

See? The Star Syndicate is still swell!

Oh boy, It's finally done :D The end result was pretty damn amazing, great work from everybody. It hurt me to watch my piece that I had to shit out over one weekend... oh gee wow, nice tweens, ya fukkin' dick. Oh gee thanks I know. DrCoolMoney was a great addition, I like his style. I like how zekey tagged the wall on Sinister's part, haha... Could tell he made that one ;P Some parts were rushed, even though this flash didn't come out for months and months after we made it, lmao. I definetly laughed hardest at W-P-S's part... hahaha, I love his bizarre fucked up character drawing style, all the way to when Tom's eyes were feeling up three. GFC did a swell job voice acting, way to class it up a bit with some British charm :D I also liked the backstory on the Syndicate, and thought it fitting that seven was in charge of antarctica, haha. I also liked the goofy ass face that jeb drew on Pops, heh. RedMongoose's style totally took me by surpise. Basically I feel like I could go on and on, I'm real excited that I've finally seen the finished product. I know you were stressin' for a while Dan, but it turned out great. I was going to comment here and say I bet Tom will have no opposition to this being front paged, but it's already there. I hope the rest of NG loves it as much as I did :)

Good night my sweet syndicate.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

the rest of NG will probably hate it but that doesnt bother me one bit. all that matters is it is finally DONE and we can move on. thanks for helpin with it karl your part was great

woah that was like, 2 muffins

quite wonderful team. i must say those were two well executed muffins with guns on their faces if i do say so myself. one of them even had some sort of... rofldisc. HOW ODD! oh oh, this movie was quite a watch. so many parts, with so much work put into each and every one. though some parts were, better than others, together as a whole, it was a little confusing and hard to follow at parts, but was beautifully done with a bunch of docks holding hands and walking under the teamwork rainbow. yes the teamwork rainbow really does exist, and it has been clearly shown through this work. some parts of the movie had too much speakonia, and not enough music, and some parts were hard to understand. but uhhh, did i mention that there were 2 roflmuffinglocks in that movie? WOAH. hey nicely done d00dz. your 4 months of sweat, tears, and maybe even semen, were well worth it. GOOD NIGHT!!

IZSBHR responds:

Thanks for everything, ROFL muffin :)


that was clearly the best flash i have ever seen. that duck brought me so much happyness i had to change my pants :(


ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

omh a glock group member


hey mayun i voted 5 okee?

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<3 wonderful collab though i should have made a part :(

...then God said, "LET THERE BE ROFLMUFFIN!"



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